Registration from January 1 2024

Please note: Registration closes on July 1, 2024

Registration is done via YourTicketProvider.

[DV] ticket: Vehicle with driver (€35 per person)

[DB] ticket: Co-driver (€35 per person)

[KB] ticket: Child (€15 per person)

Once you have paid, a number of details will be requested per person:


  • This concerns reenactment weapons or vehicle mounted weapons for which you have a valid weapons permit. If you indicate that you want to bring the weapon, we will request this from the Police. You will then be asked for additional information.


  • Green: camping equipment matches perfectly the army vehicle or overnight stays in the army vehicle. No white chairs during public opening hours.
  • Mixed: camping equipment matches the army vehicle or overnight stays in the army vehicle. White chairs allowed.
  • White: civilian tents, caravans and campers. No audience comes here.


  • We want to know the make/type and license plate of the armyvehicle. If you want to come with a different vehicle afterwards, please inform the organization.

Once you have entered all the information, you will receive a digital ticket. You report to the Basecamp with this ticket and then receive the participant documents.

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