Program (subject to change)

  • saturday september  14       Hell’s Highway defilé
  • sunday september 15           OMG spectacle with demonstrations, life music
  • monday september 16         Educational program
  • tuesday september 17          Start Market Garden
  • wednesday september 18  Eindhoven, BBQ at the Basecamp
  • thursday september 19        Veterans day
  • friday september 20              Educational program
  • saturday september 21        OMG spectacle with demonstrations, life music
  • sunday september 22          Closure of the Basecamp

Education program on weekdays with a total of 3000 schoolchildren.

The program can still be extended.


In addition to this program at the Basecamp, you can also explore the area. All key points of Operation Market Garden are within 50 km of the Basecamp.

To make it easy for you, butterfly routes have been set out that you can drive on your own. You will drive along a nice outward route and another return route past all kinds of important points. Along the way you can view monuments, visit a museum or enjoy a drink on a terrace. Please note: You drive on your own, so not in a convoy!

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