De Organisation of Operation Market Garden 2024 consists of:
Chairman: Karel van Soest
secretary: Henk Boons
Treasurer: Gijs van der Bogert

Also the Coördinators of the various tasks + the volunteers who carry out the job.

Why this event?
In 1994, Operation Market Garden was commemorated for the first time on a large scale with a ride that followed the route of 1944. The Platform Market Garden foundation devised a plan in 2012 to organize this event again in 2014. Many associations, foundations and bodies are represented in the platform that have something to do with the commemorations around Market Garden. The Operation Market Garden 2014 Foundation (OMG2014) was ultimately established from this platform. This foundation was converted into the Operation Market Garden foundation on February 23, 2017, with no date attached to this foundation.

Due to the great success of OMG2014, there has been demand from various quarters to organize a similar event again. OMG2019 was a great success!

In 2024 we will organize the event for the third time: OMG2024. Due to the administrative burden, the routes will be less extensive. The theme is 80 years of freedom and freedom is not for free. As a result, the Basecamp will not only show the Second World War, but also the periods that followed. The event will have the same impact as in 2014 and 2019.


In 2019 werd OMG mogelijk gemaakt door: